Icelandic Culinary Team
Sigurður Ágústsson

Year of birth: 1982.
Astrological sign: Cancer.
Graduation: 2014.
Family: Girlfriend, Birta Jónsdóttir. Together we have four kids, Sesselja Sól (17 years), Elín Krista (15 years), Ágúst Ingi (9) and Eva Dagbjört (5 years).
Workplace: Tryggvaskáli.
Competition experience: The 2016 culinary Olympics will be my first competition.
Position in Icelandic culinary team: Taking care of deserts.
Main strength in the kitchen: Fast learner and never give up on my goals before achieving them. Work well under pressure, organized and try to learn something from everybody around me.
Favorite ingredient: I enjoy to cook something new, something I have never tried before.
Favorite food: Classic home style food with my family.
Best kitchen tip: Always taste what you are cooking before serving it. Very important both at home and at work.
Role model: My parents.
Hobbies: Handball, traveling and spending time with my family.
Monday dinner: Something fast but tasty like chicken quesadilla.
Sunday brunch: Eggs and bacon.
Most memorable food experience: When my girlfriend Birta, cooked for me the first time, a chicken burger I will never forget.
What kitchen appliance could you not be without: My tasting spoon, it can be used for so many things.