Icelandic Culinary Team
Hrafnkell Sigríðarson

Year of birth: 1981.
Astrological sign: Leo.
Family: Not married.
Graduation: 2008.
Workplace: Vox/Hotel Hilton.
Competition experience: None, so far.
Main strength: Organization.
Favorite ingredient: Icelandic seafood in all its glory.
Best kitchen tip: The food will never be better than the raw materials it’s made from.
Role model: My grandmother Lovísa.
Hobbies: My work is my main hobby, but apart from that it’s being outdoors, being with my family and travelling to exotic locations.
What do you cook on a Monday: Fried fish and potatoes.   Most memorable food experience: 15 course meal at Nobu, Park Lane in London.
What kitchen appliance could you not be without: A good pan and a sharp knife.