Icelandic Culinary Team
Hafliði Halldórsson

Year of birth: 1972.
Astrological sign: Aquarius.
Family: Married to Heiða Sigurbergsdóttir, father to four and I have two grandchildren.
Graduation: 1999. Workplace: Garri & Ögur Travel kayak tours.
Competition experience: I have mainly been involved in organizing, executing and support for other competitors for years and years.
Main strength: Taste.
Favorite ingredient: Jumping fresh fish Best kitchen tip: Be alert when cooking fish, it usually requires less cooking than most believe.
Role model: I can’t single out individuals among the many great chefs that have taught me a lot .
Hobbies: Sea-kayaking, shooting, fishing and food.
What do you cook on a Monday: Boiled cod with puréed barley and poached egg.
Most memorable food experience: I can’t think of a single experience, but fortunately I’m constantly being surprised with excellent food.
What kitchen appliance could you not be without: A blender.