Icelandic Culinary Team
Axel Clausen

Year of birth: 1988.
Astrological sign: Virgo
Family: The Clausen family. I’m from Akureyri on my mother’s side and the Cape Verde Islands on my father’s side. Grew up in Akureyri until I was 17 when I moved to Reykjavík to finish my training and school in the mecca of restaurants. 
Graduation: 2009.
Workplace: Head chef at Fiskmarkaðurinn. 
Competed with the Young Chefs team in Dublin preparing hot food, won gold. Assistant to Rúnar Larsen in the Chef of the Year 2008, third place
Main strength: Organization, clear head, a good worker, hygiene, chemical knowledge and easy to adjust to new things
Favorite ingredient: Fish and vegetables are my favorite ingredients, there are endless versions and methods and I love learning something new
Best kitchen tip: Have a good sharp knife that suits you well, not to heavy and not too light. A comfortable shaft and keep in mind that it’s better to buy quality at a cost.
Role model: I don’t really have a single role model, but I have a few favorites that have been doing excellent things throughout the year, people like Heston Blumental, Gordon Ramsay and Rene Redzepi.
Hobbies: I really enjoy fly fishing, and spend a lot of time on the in the summer as well as playing golf quite a bit. 
What do you cook on a Monday: Pítan restaurant for lunch is somewhat of a tradition for me, then for dinner I usually work with what I can find in the fridge. 
Most memorable food experience: Spring 2013 I went to London’s Dinner by Heston, and everything there was spot on. I witnessed a great performance in the dining area as well as in the open kitchen. Like most people know, Heston is one of the best restaurant chefs in the world, and tasting his chemistry influenced cooking was a wonderful experience.
What kitchen appliance could you not be without: The knife.